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Effectively remove the toughest calluses and corns.
ActiveRelief One Step Corn Removerworks to soften the appearance and feel of corns. It helps to relieve discomfort and pain with the eventual removal of calluses when used in conjunction with a pumice stone. Our one step remover formula is designed not to cause further irritation. gently to skin.
Safe and Easy – A one-step process to achieve the desired result.
Suitable to work on all kinds of corn and calluses problems.
Non-toxic and harmless formula. it is non-irritating and painless. ActiveRelief One Step Corn Remover contains Saffron. Impatiens. Sophora flavescens. Cnidium. Stemona and other herbal extracts.


  • Ensure your skin is clean and dry.
  • Apply2-3 times per day. only apply on the corn and calluses area.
  • For better result. please soak your foot in water for 10 mins before apply theActiveRelief One Step Corn Remover.
  • Please notice not to apply on healthy skin part.


  • Weight:10ml

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  • 1 xActiveRelief One Step Corn Remover

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