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Instantly Curl Up Any Lashes For All-Day Killer Look

The secret sauce for long and fuller lashes that can be done in SECONDS? Introducing the Agaze Intenze LashPermer. With the heated curve wand and lash comb. no more crimping and pinching lashes for hours! Easy to use. just swipe easily up the lashes to lid and achieve an even. clump-free and intense curl effect at home.

Safe to use. it comes with three adjustable LED lights that prevent from overheating or burning the hands. This portable and tube-sized curler can bring it anywhere for quck touch-up. Get fully charged for 2 hours and enjoy a 24-hours long-lasting curl appearance all day! Whether it’s straight or curly lashes. just add a simple heat into eye makeup routine because it’s worth it.


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Q: How high can the temperature go up to?
A:There are three temperatures to adjust for this eyelash heat curler. The low setting is 45°C (113°F). medium temperature is 55°C (131°F) and highest temperature is 70°C (158°F).

Q: How do I clean this eyelash curler?
A: Kindly take note that this eyelash curler is not waterproof. We recommend you wipe with a microfiber cloth when the eyelash curler is turned off.

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