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Childproof your home with this anti-collision child protection strip guard to keep your curious toddler safe!

The strip guard offers asoft. thickened rubber materialthat caneffectively absorball kinds of impacts. Protecting your little explorer from the ugly bruises that are caused by accidentally bumping into your tables or chairs pointy corners. It comes with apowerful adhesivethatgrips securelyto keep your bumper strip in place at all times. Preventing it from slipping or getting removed even with your child’s wandering hands.
This child safety strip guard isextremely durableso it can’t be damaged or deformed easily even after continuous bumping. You canadhere it on every sharp edge and corners of your tables. chairs. closet. drawers. fireplaceand so on. Suitablefor home. nursery. hospitals. schools. restaurant and more possibilities.

Let your child explore your space safely and use this anti-collision strip guard!


  • Child Safety Rubber Bumper
    This anti-collision stripeffectively covers every sharp edge and cornersof any furniture inside your home. Protecting your little explorer from the ugly bruises or serious injuries caused by accidentally bumping into pointy corners. You can nowensure your child’s safetywithout withdrawing their curiosity and enthusiasm to explore.
  • Thickened Material
    It is constructed with adurable. soft thickened rubber materialthat impressively absorbs all impacts. The protection strip can’t be damaged or deformed easily even with your child’s curious hands and continuous bumping. No worries as you caneffortlessly cutits size to make it suitable for your desired furniture. What’s more? Both corner and edge guards arenon-toxic and safefor everyone!
  • Ultra-Strong Adhesive
    The child protection strip comes with apowerful double-sided adhesivethat grips securely to keep your cushion in place. It doesn’t slip or fall off easily even after a long time of use.Suitable for wood. glass. marble. metal. tiles. metal. PVC material and more possibilities.
  • Easy to Clean
    This anti-collision guard can be cleaned just bysimply wipingit with a damp cloth. It has agreat oil. stain and water resistanceso you don’t have to worry about it being spilled or splashed on with messy residues. Furthermore. the strip protection won’t also lose its powerful stickiness!
  • All-Around Protection
    The rubber bumper strip can be adhered and cover different furniture.Suitable for tables. chairs. closet. drawers. fireplaceand other objects with pointy spots. Try it onfor your home. nursery. hospitals. schools. restaurant and such.


  • Materials: Non-toxic rubber
  • Size: 23mm x 8mm
  • Total length: 2M
  • Color: White. Orange. Red. Sky Blue. Green. Pink. Yellow. Pearl. Wood. Grey. Blue. Brown. Black


  • 1 xAnti-Collision Child Protection Strip Guard

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, ORANGE, Pearl, Pink, Red, SKY BLUE, White, wood, Yellow


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