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A perfect protection for your eyes during driving! This Anti-Glare prime Car Visor will help you filter out harmful reflected light. making it convenient and perfect for summer or day drive!

Our car visor has a transmission rate of 10%. the perfect solution to bright sunrises & sunsets! Easy to use and no tools needed. just simply extended sun visor on the car visor. attach velcro straps. and all done!

Construct with a perfect size. will 100% shield you from harmful sun rays. Crafted with only premium materials. impact resistance. temperature resistance. and scratch resistance. giving maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage!


Reduce Sun Glare
Has a polarizing technology that adjusts light waves and reduces harmful sun glare.

Block Harmful UV Rays
Consists of an anti-glare visor that is made with high-quality polarized film. Our windshield visor blocks up to 100% harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.

Suitable at Night & Day Driving
Will safely reduce harmful and painful oncoming vehicle lights. Safe for your eyes and will prevent accidents.

Invisible Storage
Foldable when not in use. will not block your car view with its easy storage feature!

Easy to Install
Quickly use. simply clip extended sun visor on to built-in car visor. attach Velcro straps and you are ready to use this sun blocker to eliminate glare for good. The entire installation can be done in seconds.

Universal Use
Universally applicable. fits perfectly in any car. truck. bus. SUV.


Materials: Plastic. Metal
Dimension: 14 x3.24 inches


Anti-Glare prime Car Visor x 1 PC


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