Anti-Skid Cable Ties for Vehicles


Anti-Skid Cable Ties for Vehicles

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Textured straps are designed to get you safely unstuck from the snow, mud or sand, avoid dry pavement or flat ground uncovered by snow, mud or sand.

The special rough surface is designed to increase the friction between tyre and road in icy, snowy and even muddy conditions to prevent cars from skidding and avoiding accidents.


  • Universal

Each cable length 92cm. Fits 14-24 inch wheels with a tire’s thickness between 175-293mm.

  • Safety Measure

Perfect to deal with various road conditions such as snowfield, muddy road, or icing road.

  • Easy to Use

Can be applied to tires without moving the wheels, simply wrap the ties around the wheels and zip up!

  • Premium Quality

Made of industrial grade nylon – safe, heavy duty and durable.


Size: 92CM

Color: Orange

Recommended Number of Tie for each Tire: 5 – 10



1x / 10x / 20x / 40x Anti-Skid Cable Ties for Vehicles


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