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This is theAuto Tag Removal Kit!With this kit you caneasily remove skin tags and any similar skin problemabsolutelypain-free!It removes skin tags quick and easy!Just apply theskin tag removal deviceon any skin tag on your bodyand you’ll see themslowly fall off and away!Get rid of pesky skin tagsandregain your confidence! Get yourflawless skin backwith theauto tag removal kit.In just one application. you canget back tolooking and feeling your best!It’s super easy to use!Get rid of your skin tags in just6 easy steps! So you can immediately get rid of those annoying skin tags in no time!

It also has a wide range of uses!Not only does it get rid ofskin tags. but it can alsoremove warts and large moles easilywithout any additional steps!Use it on any part of your body!From your face to your neck and even down to your knees.It can remove any skin problemin any part of your body that has it!Get back yoursmooth skinin just about10 days! TheAuto Tag Removal Kitwillremove blood flowto the skin tag in the first 4 days! The skin tag thendries up in days 4 to 6.It gets hard andfalls off in days 7 to 10.TheAuto Tag Removal Kit comes as a set that includesa pair of band remover and guide. skin tag ring bands. and the auto tag removal device.


Dimensions: Small Nib (2-4mm) . Large Nib (4-8mm)

Package Includes:

1 x Auto Tag Removal Device
2 x Auto Tag Band Remover And Guide Tool
20 x Regular Size (4-8mm) Skin Tag Ring Bands
24 x Small Size (2-4mm) Skin Tag Rings Bands


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