Backblade Back And Body Shaver



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The Back Shaver features 2 razors on an extra long handle that allows you to shave your back no matter if your back is wet. dry. or full of shaving cream.
Get an extra-close shave on your back that’s pain-free.

The is super easy to use as it works on any kind of skin whether it’s wet or dry. it requires no batteries or power to use it. and the unique back shavers blades will never rust or cut you.

After shaving your back. you can then remove the blade from the handle to shave your chest and abdomen so you can use the same unique technology on the rest of your body.

The self-back shaver comes with 2 Dry Glide blade cartridges.
It folds in half. to easily store away without taking up too much room. weighs just 7 oz. and measures 10.2 inches long x 4.5 inches wide.




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