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Need to make a color change on a rounded corner? Simply slide the tool down the corner to mark a perfectly straight line. Multiple marking locations to choose from!

Tired of getting inaccurate measurements every time you install baseboards?

With the Bullnose Trim Gauge, you can now mark bullnoses precisely minus the guesswork!

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This tool is designed with segmented guides that provide accuracy during operations. It also has a universal design that fits easily in most bullnose and rounded corners. PLUS you can just install it in your desired area instantly without the need for screws or nails.

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INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Developed with segmented guides, this tool allows you to hit and mark lines in bullnose corners with speed and precision — eliminating the guesswork from you.

EASY INSTALLATION: Simply place this tool in your desired area and mark lines at the trim location. No screws or nails required.

SOLID BUILD: This tool is made of heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic that withstands impact and corrosion — making it ideal for even the toughest of jobs.

VERSATILE DESIGN: It has a universal design that allows it to fit easily in most 3-4” radius bullnose and rounded corners.

MANY USES: Works great on various wall installation tasks such as baseboards, chair rails, crown moldings, and much more!

Get the perfect trim measurement in all your bullnose projects from now on.


Material: Plastic

Radius: 3-4 inches

Color: Blue


1 x Bullnose Trim Gauge


Set of 1 (10% OFF), Set of 3 (20% OFF), Set of 5 (30% OFF)


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