Car Seat Gap Plug



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Car Seat Gap Plug provides 100% Gap Coverage in front of, surrounding and behind seat belt catch. Drop Stop attaches to the seat belt catch via built in slot; moves with the seat and no need to readjust or reinstall.
Car Seat Gap Plug blocks that annoying yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console.
Blocking the Gap!
Car Seat Gap Plug prevents keys, phones, change, jewelry, make-up, bottle caps, pens, gum and more from falling down the gap.
Car Seat Gap Plug will work with any vehicle that has the configuration of a seat and center console with a gap in between.
One size fits most vehicles. High Grade Neoprene casing allows Drop Stop to contract or expand to whatever size gap you have. One color blends all. The Gap is always a dark shadow so once you install Drop Stop, you won’t know it’s there until it Stops the Drop.
1 pc / 2pcs x Car Seat Gap Plug

1 PC, 2 PCS


Beige, Black, Brown, Gray


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