Cigawood Classic Case



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Portable & stylish classic woodCigacase set!

Amazing weed & herb case that brings a classic fashionable puffing style! This comes with a metal pipe that is ready to use anytime and anywhere!With its Dip and Go function this is perfect fortravels. parties. raves. and other eventsthat will surely elevate your puffing!


Classic & Stylish
It comes with a raw wood classic design. that is sleek and trendy!

Metal Pipe
This comes with ready to use metal pipe. for convenient and on-the-go puffing!

Easy Lid Slider
This enables the swivel function to easily close and open the lid and keeps the content safe and secure.

Portable & Easy to Carry
With its lightweight and portable design. this is the perfect companion. for gigs. travels. parties. raves. and more!

High-quality wood that is long-lasting. won’t break on fall which keeps the content safe.


Material: Hardwood Walnut
Color: Ash. Walnut

Length of pipe/Length Case:


  • Cigawood Classic Case
  • Metal Pipe

Ash Wood, Walnut Wood


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