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  • If you don’t have the right tools. how difficult it is to draw a circle on an irregular or rough surface.
  • Okay. The Round. Clear Acrylic Center Finder/Compass solves this issue by providing a clear view of what you are doing and drawing holes with corresponding. clear index marks for drawing circles.

Main Features

  • Circular Center Detector
    The center point of irregular objects can be found on the center detector compass with a diameter of 12 inches/8 inches. which is used to draw circles. lathes. and wooden boards.
  • Woodworking Center Probe
    The center probe tool is suitable for wood. poster board. plastic. metal. glass. composite materials. etc.! Suitable for woodturning. arts. crafts. school projects. and wood processing.
  • Transparent Acrylic Material
    The lathe center detector is made of transparent acrylic that is thick enough. with a center hole and a clearly marked circle. allowing you to see exactly what you are doing. helping you to measure quickly and easily.
  • Easy To Read
    After long-term use. the laser marking and scale marking will not wear out. marking the circle in 5 mm increments; the center detector is very suitable for placing bowls. trays. and plates. finding the center of irregular shapes to produce maximum output.
  • Instructions
    Set the circle template on the work. move it to be satisfied with the center. mark the center with a pencil or sharp point. and then draw the circle with a compass.



– Ideal for woodworking

– Ideal for finding the center of logs. squares. and blanks

– Marking on logs with uneven edges

– Ideal for schools. colleges and universities. arts and crafts type projects

– Each circle outline is clearly marked


Product Weight
  • S: 177g
  • L: 371g
  • S: 7.9 inches
  • L: 11.8 inches
Package Contents
  • Circle Center Finder Tool × 1
MaterialTransparent acrylic


L: 11.8 inches, S: 7.9 inches, Stainless steel centering pin


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