Corner Angle Finder


Corner Angle Finder


Measure Irregular Shapes and Angles With Ease!

Introducing the all-new Corner Angle Finder, the revolutionary all-in-one tool that will serve all of your measurement needs! It features a multi-angle gauge that slides and locks to any desired angle, saving you time for repeated measurements. Four-sided ruler slides adjust and lock to form reusable templates for endless applications!

The Corner Angle Finder is made of a high-quality, durable aluminum alloy for multiple uses. Its unique sturdy but lightweight design lets you carry it anywhere for easy portability.


  • DURABLE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: An excellent portable tool that can be easily folded and carried to your next project.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Place it on the desired object that needs measuring, slide the rulers to form the perfect shape, and tighten the screws so that it locks in place. From here you can take perfect measurements and transfer them to paper or other materials!
  • ACHIEVE THE PERFECT ANGLE: The multi-angle gauge slides and locks to any angle, saving time for repeated measurements. 
  • CUSTOM STENCIL CREATION: Create a custom stencil for every job! Now you can eliminate the need to make repetitive measurements, saving you both time and effort.


  • Material: Aluminium alloy


  • 1 x Corner Angle Finder 



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