Cut Clean Paint Edger


Cut Clean Paint Edger

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  • Cut In Edges in Minutes, not Hours! Our painting system allows you to paint the edges of a wall and around trim without using masking tape and without getting onto a ladder. Make your painting jobs quicker, more professional-looking, and less frustrating. 

Main Features

  • High-speed Roller  
    The paint is loaded onto a standard roller which is then rolled on to the wall. You will easily and quickly cut in a 4″ wide band of paint along the edge of the wall, get a rolled texture all the way to the edge of the wall, unlike a paint pad.
  • Accuracy of a Paint Brush
    A small brush then picks up the paint that the roller has left, and moves it precisely to the very edge of the wall. This brush provides a sharp, precise cut-in line. You do not need to load the brush with paint.

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  • No-smear Shield Eliminates Taping
    A specially-designed shield keeps the paint from getting on the trim or ceiling. Your trim and ceilings will stay perfectly free of paint. Paint an entire room or more before having to clean paint off the edger shield.
  • Make Your Painting Jobs Quicker
    Not having to mask off those long runs of trim will save you hours of tedious work. You will save money not having to buy rolls and rolls of expensive masking tape.
  • Cut In Edges in Minutes
    Great for painting the above stairwells, cathedral and vaulted ceilings, and for any user who prefers to minimize the time spent painting on a ladder. It can be used with or without a paint pole.

Usage Scenarios

It’s as easy as pour and paints the perfect coat over even the toughest surfaces, Perfect for walls, windows, ceilings & edges.


Product Weight
Product Size Paint Edger + Replaceable Roller Head × 2 + Cleaning Brush × 2 : 35*30*6CM
Package Contents
Paint Edger × 1
Replaceable Roller Head × 2
Cleaning Brush × 2
Product Size


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