Domom Nut Splitter Pro Rusted Seized Nuts Cutter


Domom Nut Splitter Pro Rusted Seized Nuts Cutter

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Having to remove rusty, corroded, frozen, or rounded nuts can be frustrating and time consuming! But you can save a lot of energy with the help of our Nut Splitter Pro!

Product Features:

  • Function: It is used to remove damaged or seized nuts from bolts or threaded studs.
  • Time-saving:Nuts can be easily dismantled, which in turn saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Rust-proof: Anti-rust and antiseptic material ensures a rather long lifetime
  • High-effect: For the removal of damaged or corroded nuts without damaging the bolt thread.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for the home/workshop/hobbyist etc.


  • Size:
  1. 9-12mm  (0.35”-0.47”)
  2. 12-16mm (0.47”-0.63”)
  3. 16-22mm (0.63”-0.87”)
  4. 22-27mm (0.87”-1.06”)

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