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Never lose your socks again!

Ever get frustrated when your socks seem to always end up losing into the void? Easy Socks Organizer keeps them neat and organized the moment they leave your feet. up until the moment you wear them again!
Easily take a pair of socks that’s neatly hung inside your closet. You can also use it to organize dirty socks for the laundry without them separating or losing in the washing machine.
Prevent throwing socks because you’re missing a pair or wearing mismatched socks. Having an organizer not only saves lots of space in your cabinets but also shortens your time from searching when getting ready!


For Washing & Storing: It keeps socks in pairs whether dirty or clean. The hanger is removable so you can toss the organized dirty socks into the washer. take them out to dry. and hung them back into the closet without ever sorting. matching. or searching for them!
Holds 10 pairs of Socks: Fasten up to 10 pairs of socks without the fear of losing them. Organize socks for the entire week or for an out-of-town holiday.
Washer & Dryer Safe: Made of durable material. The cord will not bleed or fade in the washer or dryer or damage your socks & other clothes.
Space-Saving Design: The organizer is hung vertically which is equivalent to combining five circular shelves into one. It saves more space in your closet for other clothing.
Multi-Purpose: They’re not just for socks! Organize shirts. headbands. gloves. scarves. onesies. mittens. delicates. and undergarments.


Rope length: 70 cm
Color: Black. Green. Red. Yellow. Blue. Orange. White


1 pc x Easy Socks Organizer


Black, Blue, Green, ORANGE, Red, White, Yellow


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