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Keep the heat out of your homes while letting natural light in with the Heat Insulation Privacy Film. This insulation will prevent UV rays from coming inside and make your living safer.

Due to its thick layer and radiation cut that blocks ultraviolet rays. your furniture will be prevented from fading out and will also keep your loved ones safe at the comfort of your homes.

Not only that. enjoy your privacy within the safety of your homes with its reflective layer that keeps people from looking and knowing what’s inside that is easy to install!

Product Specification:

  • High Quality: Provide the best for your homes with excellent standards that is scratch-free. resists friction. and won’t easily fade out its color.
  • Insulates Heat: Save energy by keeping heat out of your homes. By insulating heat and letting natural light in. your appliances won’t be overused.
  • Ultraviolet-proof: Harmful UV rays are no longer a problem as this insulator blocks out 97% of UV rays that will prevent you from sunburn and fading out your furniture.
  • Protect Privacy: With its reflective layer. strangers will be prevented from looking inside your homes and will be creating a mirror effect to what’s outside.
  • Easy Installation: No need for glues or tapes. The insulator already has built-in adhesives that are chemical-free for you to easily install on your windows and glass doors.
  • Beautifies your Home: Various colors are offered for you to choose what will best fit your home. Its design adds a classy look and modern style.


  • Size: 40 x 100 cm / 60 x 100 cm
  • Color: Silver. Gold. Black. Blue
  • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
  • Infrared cut: 88%
  • Visible Light Reflectance: 8%
  • Thickness of Base Film: 2.0MIL
  • Package Includes: 1x Heat Insulation Privacy Film

40×100, 60×100


Black, Blue, Gold, Silver


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