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The natural way to heal your lymph congestion.

The annoying flab is probably not fat but lymph congestion. Flush out those waste and toxins using the Herbal Lymph Care Patch!

The Herbal Lymph Care Patch is an efficient flab remover.Itexpels wastes and toxinswhich not only helps to reduce the amount of fat cells. but also improve your skin. The herbal ingredients also relief the stress and gives you better sleeping quality. . This organic lymph solution is safe to use and easy to apply so you can treat your nodes at home the natural way.


  • Efficient Flab Remover:
    Removes stubborn arm flaps caused by lymph nodes in a natural and healthy way.
  • Expelled Wastes & Toxins:
    Reduces the swelling as it unblocks the clogged lymph nodes resulting in flushed wastes and toxins. and reduced tissues and fat cells.
  • Aid To Weight Loss:
    It helps to reduce the adipose tissues and fat cells.
  • Better Skin:
    Helps to eliminate the toxin in your body which makes your skin glow.
  • Improve Sleeping Quality:
    Ease the stress and ensure you have a good night sleep.
  • Safe To Use:
    Madeof extracted ginger root and oil and other Chinese herbal medicine so it is not harmful to your skin and body.
  • Easy To Apply:
    Simply stick the adhesive film to the affected area where you have lymph.


  • Material: Paper. PE Film. Non-Woven Fabric
  • Size: 13cm X 19cm
  • Weight: 6g/patch


  • 1x Herbal Lymph Care Patch (Box of 5/10)

10pcs, 5PCS


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