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Providing an exceptional and professional cleaning experience! A stain and odor eliminator. designed to get rid of sweat and dirt. as well as stains and odors caused by leftover moisture!

Universal stain remover that is incredibly effective on all types of clothing. linens. carpets. floor mats. dress shirts. bedding. car seats. cloth diapers and other washable fabrics! Easy to use in just a simple roll!

Guarantees an effective stain remover you’ve ever used! Environmentally friendly. safe for your kids. pets. and loved ones!


Easy Roll-On Cleaner
Will quick removes heavy stains from your clothes in just a few minutes. unlike other cleaning product that lasts for hours!

Eliminates Tough Stains
A professional and commercial grade formula dirt remover. safe around kids & pets. Erases difficult stains from clothing. bibs. carpets. auto & furniture upholstery!
Perfect for tackling tough sports stains. food stains. dirt like blood. grass. sweat. clay. etc.

Brightens Your Items in just a Seconds
Will quickly and safely treat inevitable stains in just a few seconds! Giving you convenience and time-saving washing!

Leak-proof Feature
Secures the product with its safe top cover! Anti-leak even in any position of the bottle is placed!

Easy to Use
Quickly removes stains by just rolling softly the product to the affected area. rinse with warm water until clean! Removes difficult stains in just a few seconds!

Widely Use
Safe to use with all clothing. including bright colors and white colors! Perfect for all dirt and stains such as food stains. oil stains. vanish stains. gel stains. grease. sweat. ink. and more!


Item Form: Roller


Instant Stain Removal Roller x 1 pc
Instant Stain Removal Roller x 2 pcs


1 PC, 2 PCS


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