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Easily make your pieces of jewelry shine like never before. get rid of the stain and built-up dirt. and make them stand out & look new with the InstaShine Jewelry Cleaner.It is formulated with an expert combination of hydrogen peroxide and suede fabric which safely cleans all kinds of jewelry materials such as diamond. silver. gold &. etc.InstaShine Jewelry Cleaner is ammonia-free which allows deep cleaning without causing damages in your jewelry in the long run. It also gives a shiny coating that can last up to a whopping 12 months!


Quick Shine Formula
It does not only offer instant cleaning; it also has a powerful quick-shine formula to make your jewelry sparkle.
Effective Cleaner
InstaShine Jewelry Cleaner is an instant cleanser for your metal and stone collections. It effectively cleans gold. silver. diamonds. pearls. turquoise. and opals. It can remove the dirt from your all jewelry and accessories. including necklaces. earrings. bracelets. and more.

This liquid cleanser does not require deep rubbing. removing tarnish and dirt from your prized possessions both quickly and gently. Its cleaning formula does not contain ammonia and harsh chemicals that might affect your items’ quality. so you can rest assured that your accessories will neither fade nor get discolored from the cleaning process.

Prevent tarnishingfrom reforming that lasts for 12 months.
Non-Toxic Solution
100% non-toxic and biodegradable. safe to use.
Universal Use
It can be used on a variety of jewelry types including gold. palladium. diamond. e.t.c.




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