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The traditional voltage test pens are unsafe. inconvenient and difficult to get the result.
Or easy to get an electric shock.
At this point you need a non-contact test pen.
NCV High Sensitivity Probe
Safe and Convenient to Use
Intelligent identify Fire and Null Wire
With LED Flashlight
Small and Portable


NCV High Sensitivity Probe

NCV high sensitive probe. non contact detect the power supply and specific lines. Insulation operation. safe and fast. novice can easily use. Effective detection range 0-8 cm.

Safe and Convenient

The voltage pen tester detects voltage in a Non-Contact way. to avoid the danger of electric shock or leakage. and ensure the electricity safety in daily life.

Intelligent identify Fire and Null Wire

You can easily distinguish the fireand null wire through different level of alarm sound and LED indicator.

Put the pen tip close to the line. When the screen is lit within 6 grids. the slow buzzer will alarm and present green light. and the detection result is zero line. When the screen is full of light. the fast-paced buzzer alarms and presents red light. and the detection result is live line.

With LED Flashlight

It also acts as an emergency flashlight which can illuminate the working area. such as circuit breakers. lighting fixtures. switches. outlets. wires and anywhere you need it.So you can work better in the dark.

Small and Portable

Portable pen clip design. it can be arbitrarily clipped in the pocket or beltfor convenient using. Built-in 1.5V AAA battery. lasting power supply. sustainable monitoring 1000 times. Rotate the top pen cover to remove and lock. flexible and convenient.

Multiple Uses

Widely used in home. office. industry. power. car maintenance. electrical testingand other life and work scenes. Very suitable for electricians. electronics enthusiasts. ordinary users.


ACDetection Range: 12-1000V. 50/60Hz

Working Temperature: 0~40℃

Storage Temperature: -10~50℃

Storage Humidity: ≤95%

Altitude: ≤2000m

Security Level: CAT. III 1000V/ CAT.IV 600V:CE

Battery: 2*1.5V AAA
Product Size: 167.5x21x26.3mm

Product Weight: 47.4g

Package Includes: 1x Intelligent Non-contact Test Pe


Due to manual measurements. please allow slight measurement deviations.

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