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Better breast shape and detox at the same time!

Breasts willnaturally loosen up due to and various health issues. Well. fret no more! Magnetic Therapy lifts and lets your breasts bounce back to the way it was like your younger years!
Designed with 6 magnetsto boostblood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Wear them under the bra also for aninvisible massage experience too!


  • Lifts Up
    Boost yourmetabolism & prevents circulation problemsthat might lead to atypical breast tissue hyperplasia.
  • Therapeutic Magnet that Prevents Sagging
    Therapeutic magnetscanactivate anti-gravity & anti-aging properties for anti-sagging and comfortable lifting.
  • Reduces Sleeve
    Effectively eliminate that bulge near the armpit. Helps to remove lymphatic congestion in the body and strengthen detoxification.
  • Invisible Massage & Detox
    Clear your lymphatic nodes which helps to prevent swelling and smoothes out wrinkles and lines.
  • Easy-To-Use
    Place it under your bra and give yourself a calming magnetic therapeutic.


  • Number of Magnets: 6
  • Colour: Beige. Black
  • Size: One-Size


LiftUp Magnetic Therapeutic Pad x 1


Beige, Black


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