Magic Cake Slicer


How to cut a cake into even slices?
Introducing Magic Cake Slicer!

To use the Cake Slicer, simply slice it by pushing down from the top of the cake, squeeze ever so slightly to grip the slice, and transfer the piece of cake to your plate with ease. It all just takes one swift motion, with no need to balance it on a fork or knife!

No more kids complaining that someone got a bigger piece than them and no more people eyeballing each other’s slice at the table.

Now everyone gets the same size and shape cut of the dessert! Shop it now!


Cut Perfectly & Even Slices
No more kids complaining that someone got a bigger piece than them. Now everyone gets the same size and shape cut of dessert.

One Hand Design
One-hand design serves more efficiently and with less trouble than using a slicer and a fork.

Easy to Use
This cake slicer is easier to use than traditional cake servers. It does the cutting and the serving all at once!

Long-lasting & Durable
Made by high-quality stainless steel or ABS plastic which is food-grade materials. 

Suitable for All Cakes


Material: Stainless steel

Size: 9.8×1.7×1.5 inch

Color: Silver


1 x Magic Cake Slicer


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