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Most of our pets don’t like bathing orafraid to get hurt.


  • Cat Shower Mesh Bag with 3 drawstrings: Front and back drawstring prevent cat teeth. front and rear claws stick out to scratch people; Middle drawstring for better fix.

  • Grooming Bag covers all of a Cat’s body. and there are no gaps. Cat restraint bag. scratch-resistant. bite-resistant. durable; strong air permeability. easy to drain and dry.

  • Allow you to release one paw at a time. easy to clean paws and cut nails.Wide opening. easy to in and out for cats.You can choose to wrap your cat’s limbs or stretch them out. A good design will protect you from being scratched by your cat and at the same time prevent her from feeling oppressed.

  • This cat bathing bag use soft and breathable mesh. scratch and bite resistant and durable; Great air permeability. easy to drain and dry. cats won`t fell uncomfortable.


  • Materials:Mesh design
  • Color:Gray. green. pink
  • Size:

Package Includes:
1 x Multi-function Grooming Bath Bag


Gray, Green, Pink


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