Multifunction Kitchen Zip Slicer



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Put the fruit in the Multifunction Kitchen Zip Slicer, slide the fruit knife, you can cut the cherries, strawberries, cherries and other fruits you want to cut into two pieces.
Various Functions
It can be used for grape, small tomatoes, small tomatoes, grapes, cherries, vegetables and other small fruits. It is a practical kitchen for making birthday parties, fruit parties, fruit salads, and fruit cakes.
Product Features
Creative design, easy to use, just slide the fruit knife from the top, the grape cherry strawberry fruit is divided into 2 small pieces, suitable for infants to eat fruit happily.
Simple And Practical Design

Multifunction Kitchen Zip Slicer is simple and safe to operate, labor-saving, multi-purpose, and easy to clean.simple and convenient to use, will not lose juice.

Easy To Clean
You can rinse with clean water or put it in the dishwasher, it is absolutely safe.
Product Include
1pc x Multifunction Kitchen Zip Slicer

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