Non-Slip Furniture Grip Pads (16PCS)


Sliding furniture is not only annoying but also can be very dangerous.

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Non-Slip Furniture Grip Pads are one of the best solutions to keep furniture from sliding. They are self-adhesive rubbery grippers that can effectively prevent slipping and protect your floor from scratches.

Just peel and stick them to the bottom of the chair, sofa, and table legs! Works excellent on hardwood, tile, carpet, and other slippery surfaces. It can prevent accidents and injuries caused by pushing or pulling furniture.

Stop your couch from moving!

Grab yours now!


Anti-Slip Furniture Grippers
Stops your furniture from moving and slipping! Protects both your furniture and floor from ugly scratches, dents, or paint stains.

Works Well On Slippery Surfaces
Ensures your furniture stays in place on any surface, including hardwood, carpet, marble, cement, tile, and vinyl floors. Even works excellent on slippery areas, like the bathroom and kitchen.

Self Adhesive
It is self-adhesive that can be easily applied to any furniture and leaves no sticky residues when removing. No glue or tools is required.

Ideal For Any Furniture
Supports chairs, tables, cabinets, stools, and other larger furniture with good resilience and extra thickness. Able to withstand heavy loads without deforming.


Size: 1.96 X 1.96 X 0.118 Inches

Shape: Round/Square


16 x Non-Slip Furniture Grip Pads


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