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TheNon-slip Silicone Phone Standis one of the tiny phone holders that hold your mobile in place.


No tape or glue is required. just simply put it on desired surfaces. It is made of quality silicone that offers excellent slip resistant function.


It can be widely used for car navigation. watching movies at home or holding a mobile phone on desks. etc.


  • Easy To Use:It is quick & easy to install. No tape or glue is required. just place it on top of the desired surface.

  • DurableMaterial:It is made ofquality siliconethat providesgreat supportandexcellent non-slip functionto prevent dropping off.

  • Single-Hand Operation:It is light in weight with a simple design that supports one-hand operation for placing and changing orientations.

  • Secure Grip
    Engineered to fit every smartphone. with or without a case. it securely holds your phone in place horizontally and vertically.
  • Washable & Reusable:The silicone mat is reusable and water-resistant. just rinse off the dirt if necessary.
  • Wide Application:The silicone phone stand can be used in the car for navigation. watching movies at home or holding mobile on desks.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 9cm(L) X 11cm(W) X 0.7cm(H)
  • Color: Black / Blue / Orange


  • 1 x Non-slip Silicone Phone Stand

Black, Blue, ORANGE


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