One-Step Eyebrow Cushion Kit



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Get the perfect brow shape with this One-Step Eyebrow Cushion Kit.

Achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face with theOne-Step Eyebrow Cushion Kit! No more strugglein eyes make-up by simply apply cushion with10 shapes of eyebrow stencils!

Just stamp on the desire part to get instant gorgeous eyebrow makeup! Long lasting formula can stay for more than 16 hrs without fading. No worry to applying it when rainy day as it is smudge-proofand waterproof.
Covers up efficiently as it blends seamlessly with the natural hair color. quickly invigorating its looks.
Easily apply byprecise cushion tip design. Mess free solution to apply on eyebrow.Formulated with natural keratin hair fiber.Notcontain paraben or sulfate. and is peroxide-free.


  • Choose a stencil. apply on the desire part. just stamp and done!


  • Color: Blond. Light Brown. Brown. Choco Brown. Black. Gray

Package Includes:

  • 1 xOne-Step Eyebrow Cushion Kit
  • 10 Shapes x Eyebrow Ste

Black, BLONDE, Brown, CHOCO BROWN, Gray, Light Brown


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