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Sandblasting, if done properly, is one of the most effective ways to remove rust. The Pneumatic Sandblaster works better than any paint stripping agent because sand particles are so small, they can easily enter small cracks and crevices, going undiscovered for years.
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Pneumatic Sandblaster’s gravity feed feature is perfect for any type of sandblasting job. With this simple and small sandblaster compared to conventional sandblasting equipment with cabinet, Pneumatic Sandblaste offers high flexibility and convenience of use. It also provides fast setup and very easy to use. This is one compressed air tool that is worth your investment!
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The importance of wearing safety goggles, heavy gloves, and a respirator designed to filter the sand cannot be stressed enough.


  • THE PORTABLE SANDBLASTER: This small air tool got what it takes to be the bad wolf in media blasting. It supports various sandblasting media like steel grit, glass beads, walnut shells, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and more.
  • GRAVITY FEED SANDBLASTER GUN: Designed to operate initially as a gravity-fed sandblaster which offers flexibility and perfect for spot sandblasting. Perfect for DIY projects and surface preparations for automotive care.

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  • RELIABLE: This is one reliable sandblaster gun you can use flexibly in different workshops. Your ideal gravity feed sandblaster gun.
  • EASY TO USE: Features a fully adjustable control valve so that you can precisely choose and control what media to use. Better control over your blasting projects.


  • Air inlet: 20 1/4 “filters
  • Air Pressure: 90Psi
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 21lbs
  • Outer Diameter: 11.5 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 6.5 mm


  • 1 x Pneumatic Sandblaster

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