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Keep all of your pens neat and your hands busy with Pop Bubble Pencil Case!

Made of high-quality. elastic silicone materials. designed to accommodate several pencils while serving as a fidget aid. Keeping you relaxed and focused anytime. anywhere. The pencil case can store a variety of other stationery. including pens. highlighters. erasers. sharpener. sticky notes and so on. Perfect for students. artists. writers. working professionals or those with ADHD and fidgety hands.

This sensory pencil case has a shockproof construction and is completely waterproof. It effectively secures its contents from damage even when dropped or knocked. Ensuring it to last for a longer time. Furthermore. it is designed with a single compartment that has a large internal capacity. Giving you easy access and allowing you to see all of your supplies in 1 glance! Ideal not only for your writing supplies. but also for makeups. medicines. accessories and even phones!

A functional pencil case that can also act as a pop it fidget device!



  • Sensory Pencil Case
    This pop bubble fidget pencil case can store a variety of other stationery. including pens. highlighters. erasers. sharpener. sticky notes and so on! It also serves as a great fidget aid. allowing you to enjoy and benefit from the sensory stimulation. Perfect for those with fidgety hands. ADHD. autism and such.
  • Practical Design
    A shockproof and waterproof pencil case that stores. organizes and protects all of your belongings that are put in it. Preventing your writing or drawing equipment from breaking or causing ink leaks. It is designed with a simple. main compartment that has an impressive internal capacity. Allowing you to have easy access and see all of your supplies in a single glance. Ideal for students. artists. writers. hobbyists. working professionals and more.
  • Easy to Carry
    A lightweight and handy pencil case that can easily fit into any bag. You can now always carry your pens around with you or use it as a pop it fidget toy!
  • Wide Application
    Apart from holding pens. pencils and such. this case can also be used as a makeup pouch. medicine bag. accessory bag. phone pouch and more! Its roomy interior makes it a perfect storage to fit all your basic daily needs.
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality. natural silicone material with great elasticity and shockproof. It boasts a waterproof cover and a sturdy zipper that is easy to handle. Perfect for storing and protecting its content.


  • Material: Natural silicone
  • Size: 18.7cm x 9.5cm
  • Weight: 137g
  • Color: Black. Pink. Blue. Purple. Green. Rainbow.Blue Marble. Rainbow Marble


  • 1 xPop Bubble Pencil Case

Black, Blue, Blue Marble, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Rainbow Marble


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