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Purify Aquarium Water Without Water Changes!

Eliminate algae and prevent fish from having disease in just 1 Dose with this Aquazo 4-in-1 Fish Tank Solution!

Effective & Fish SafeFormula

4-in-1 solution to a healthy aquarium

  • Eliminates pesky algae
  • Cleans hazy water
  • Prevents disease
  • Kills harmful bacteria

Naturally dissolves in water bed. Kills bad bacteria for a healthy aquatic life. Naturally eliminates algae and other harmful compounds and prevents disease-causing bacteria in just 1 bottle.

1 HourTo Clean Water

Put the solution in the tank and wait for 60 minutes for the amazing result. 1 bottle is enough for 100 liters of water tank. Almost immediately. it establishes a safe biological aquarium environment.

NaturallyKills Disease Causing Bacteria

Biologically-proven safe for domesticated fish. Powerful responsive ammonia and nitrite elimination prevent fish loss. Clears cloudy or hazy water caused by overfeeding gravel dust and other minute suspended particles.

Save Money & Hassle-Free

Save yourself from expensive aquarium maintenance and start DIY cleaning aquariums at home. Giving love to aquatic pets at home has never been this easy.

Give Fish a Healthy Habitat!
Display That Amazing Squeaky-Clean Aquarium!


Material: Water purifying pathogens

Net Content: 60 ML

Package Inclusions: Get 1pc. Aquazo 4-in-1 Fish Tank Solution


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