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Easily Control Ruler Movement While Free Motion Quilting WithEZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket

WithEZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket. you caneasily control the movement of your quiltingruler while doing free motion quilting.

Simple Operation

WithEZSew Quilting Ruler can have a better gripfor better control of your quilting ruler.

Simply slip two fingers on the grip. and move your ruler to anywhere you like when free motion quilting. Now. you can easily control template movement while free motion quilting!

Stop Struggling With Ruler

As the EZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket is attached to your ruler. you can easily control the ruler’s movement while quilting.The sticky backing on the EZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket is reusable; you can remove and reposition itas often as you like without losing adhesion.

Made of Premium Material

EZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket is made from high-quality soft PVC andplastic material which ensures a strong sense of durability. Besides. its adhesivedoes an excellent job to stick very well with a smooth quilting ruler.


A Must-Have Tool For All Quilters.

Get Yours NOW!


Material: Soft PVC andPlastic

Size: 4*5cm


Package Inclusion/s:1 pc ofEZSew Quilting Ruler Popsocket


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