Horse Mane & Tail Detangle Treatment



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Instantly Detangle Horse Mane The Hassle-Free Way With This HorseMane & Tail Detangler!

Specially Formulated For Your Little Pony! This Essential Oil Contains Natural Herbal Plant Extractsthat penetrate below the surface and restores moisture while strengthening and repairing hair. which leads to a natural shine with soft texture!

It’s easy to soften their hair and tail in just 2 steps

Step 1

After having a shower for can kindly pour a little dime size of Horse Detangler Treatment and create a rich lather then apply on their manes and tails.

Step 2

Once applied on it. using abrush to comb it. The manes and tails of horses will have a silky and even a sweet and subtle scent that lasts for days.

  • Highly Concentrated Formulas

Natural herbal plant extracts that rejuvenate matted coats into dazzling tangle-free coats!

  • Say GoodBye to Frizzy Mane!

Our special blend of conditioners and moisturizers work together to provide much-needed relief for dry. improve hair fragility and split ends. make hair smoother.

  • Keeps Your Horse Fresh & Clean

Horse Mane & Tail Detangle Treatmentis an essential oil but not oily. Repels dirt. dust. and sand. resulting in a shine that lasts longer.

  • Horse-Friendly Fragrances

Presents a sweet and subtle scent that lasts for weeks!

  • Perfectly Safe

The ingredient consists of pet-friendly essential oil extracts and a proprietary blend of coat conditioners which suitable used by the horses and ensuring safe usage.

Say Goodbye To Tangled Horse Mane Ever! Get Yours Now!


Ingredients:Moroccan. Bergamot. Lilac. Hoary stock. Peony. Cherry essential oils

Size/s: 20ml. 100ml

Package Inclusion: Get 1pc. Horse Mane & Tail Detangle Treatment


100ml, 20ml


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