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InstantlyClean The Dirt And Restore The Fish Sonar Screen!


MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorer

Having a crystal clear screen on your fishsonar isimportant when trying to read what it’s telling you.Advancedfish findersuse imaging sonar technology. making the clarity of the screen animportant factor. It’s how you get all of your most important informationlike depth. temperature. bottom composition. and the presence of fish. With this MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorer.effectively wipe off and clean the screen.

RemoveHard Water Stainina Snap

MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorer has a proven effective way to quickly dissolve the residue left on your fish sonar screen without damage the gadget. Just spray on. wipe up the excess to remove saltwater deposits. fingerprints. smudges.Leaves shine and smooth surface on your fish sonar screen.

Safety Use

Safe and non-toxic formula gently to your gadget and your hands. Eco-friendly and abrasive-free. MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorerformulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics. will not affect touchscreen performance.

Multiple Uses

MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorer ideal for use on all electronics screens including smartphones. cameras. watertight phone cases. sunglasses. & motorcycle visors too.

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1 btl of MarineCare Sonar Screen Restorer (50ml / 100ml)

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