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No More Underperform at ball-‘n’-table games like Pool. Snooker& Billiards Anymore!

The Fastest Way To Train For Perfect CueingWith CueMaster Billiard Training Brace!

Effectively Improve Proper Cue Action

CueMaster Billiard Training Brace can get your arm in the right place. effectively correct wrong movement. reduce the redundant actions in the shot time and thus help the practitioner toestablish correct targeting habits and methods. You can feel what a straight cue action is like!

Perfect for even beginners

Whether you’re playing against your mates down the local. or you’re getting ready for that all-important league season. the CueMastercan help you develop astraighter and smoother cue action and boost your confidence faster!

Practice To Achieve Straight Cueing In Secs!

ThisTraining Braceis an advanced cueing aid that will help you with all aspects of your cue action so you end up with not just straight cueing. but a smooth cue action like the professionals. You’ll not just by seeing what a straight cue action is. but by “FEELING” what a straight cue action is AND being able to correct your faultsINSTANTLY.

How To Use:

  1. Stimulate action of cueing. make the cue tips closer the object ball as much as possible
  2. Make sure there is 90°angle at the fore arm
  3. Simply insert CueMaster to thecue stick.Voila! This is your correct cue action!

*After putting on the training brace. you only need to stabilize the upper arm. and ensure that thearmand forearm are perpendicular to the cue. and the wrist is naturally vertical. Adjust your posture according to where the CueMaster placed.

Get that perfect cue action like a pros NOW!
Improve your game with CueMaster Billiard Training Brace!



Package Inclusion: 1 Pc CueMaster Billiard Training Brace


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