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Instantly get thicker-looking hair like magic! Puff-Hair Secret Fiber Builder covers up sparse hair and adjusts the hairline for a better appearance.
It imitates evenly grown hair realistically on bald and thinning spots. Simply apply and look several years younger in just 5 seconds.
No need for expensive and painful hair implants! This quick hair filler touch up is perfect on special occasions. weddings. interviews. or when just going out!



5 Seconds Volumizing: Covers sparse hair to imitate the look of having normally and evenly grown hair with just a few puff.
Instant Color Up: A darker shade powder can be used to let gray hair root quickly regain vigor.
No Harmful Ingredients: Formulated with 100% keratin fibers and safe ingredients that do not have paraben. sulfate. and it is peroxide-free.
No Mess: The powder instantly creates a strong bond with the hair fibers. With its specially designed applicator. it will never be a mess when applying.
Longlasting & Waterproof: The powder produces a physical reaction that absorbs water from the surface of the head and absorbs excess oil. keeping it dry and long-lasting for 16 hours.
Easy and Convenient: Just sprinkle onto areas with sparse hair. It’s portable and convenient to bring anywhere for quick touch-ups. Can be washed off easily with warm water and shampoo.


Ingredients: Fatty Acid Triglycerides. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. Beeswax
Weight: 12g
Color: Black. Dark Brown. Medium Brown. Light Brown. Auburn. Golden Blonde. Medium Blonde. Light Blonde. Gray. White


1 xPuff-Hair Secret Fiber Builder


Auburn, Black, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Grey, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown, White


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