Reusable Cord Organizer Ties (50pcs)



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Say goodbye tomessy cables!!

Annoyed by your cords jumbled all over the place? Deal with that tangled mess and organize them in just 1 second using these Reusable Cord Ties!
Keeping your cordsneatly winded will make it a lot easier to identify. store. & keeps your space safer. Wrap it around your headphones cable to keep them from magically tangling in your pocket!
Ideal for keeping all kinds of cables of any length! Tie up speaker cables. guitar cables. TV cables. microphone mic. computer cables. etc.


Easily Organize Cables: Manage your cables in just 1 second. Simply gather them together and wrap the ties around them. The cable wrap opens and closes easily and quickly so you can add or remove cables.
No Slipping: The tie wraps utilize a smooth hook & loop design making them super sturdy and nonslip.
Reusable for Many Times: Adjust and release as many times as you want. These ties are reusable thousands of times! More environmentally friendly than single-use ones.
Freely Adjustable: Can fit around any thickness of winded cables and other items. No trimming needed.
Durable & Flexible: The ties are waterproof & can withstand temperature from -45°F to 160°F (7°C – 71°C). UV-resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The maximum tensile strength is 50 lbs (22.7 kg).
Versatile Ties: Can be combined for tying larger objects. Tie up speaker cables. guitar cables. TV cables. microphone mic. computer cables. and much more.


Material: Nylon 66
Color: Black / White / Red / Green / Blue / Yellow
Size: 13mm x150 mm


50PCS x Reusable Cord Organizer Ties


Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow


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