Right Angle 90 Degree Square Laser



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Right Angle 90 Degree Square Laser is generated two lines on the floor at 90-degree angles for surface layout including tile, stone, brick, carpet and hardwood flooring, and more. Two suction cups allow the laser level square to be mounted onto the surfaces stablyRight Angle 90 Degree Square Laser is ideal for floors, tiles, paneling, wall fixtures, wallpapering, wainscoting, finish carpentry, and more.


1. Generate 2 line at Right Angle (90 Degree)

2. Simple one-button operation powers two perpendicular laser lines (90 degrees) on and off.

3. It retains the characteristics of the original straight ruler and outputs two extended 90 ° right-angle laser chalk lines to significantly extend the length of the ruler


Type: 90 Degree Laser Level

Size: H:85mm W:38mm L:135mm

Laser class: Class II


1 x Right Angle 90 Degree Square Laser


Set of 1 (10% OFF), Set of 3 (15% OFF), Set of 5 (20% OFF)


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