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Give old grout a clean and fresh makeover!

Refreshyour bathroom and kitchen using theTile Refill Agent! Thiseasy-to-usesealantrefills tileprovideafresh layer of new grout. givingyour home a newlook.

It creates aprotective and waterproof sealthatkeeps out mold and mildew. with anantifungal nature.It’smade to lastandwidely applicableon your tiles. sink. toilets. and more. It comes indifferent colorsto meet your needs.


  • Protective Seal– Effectively seals against mold and mildew with an antifungalnature.
  • Clean Look– Gives old grout a makeover as it adds a fresh layer for a clean look.
  • Durably Made– Waterproof and durable. Made to last.

  • Easy to Use– Formulated into a ready-to-use mix with a tapered nozzle for clean. precise application.
  • Widely Applicable– Use it to refill old grout on tiles. sinks. toilets. bathtubs. and more.
  • Different Option– Comes in clear and white grout.


  • Color: Clear. White. Black
  • Size: 120 ml

Product Includes

  • 1 x Tile Refill Agent

Black, clear, White


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