Tootock Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit WC180/181



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Tootock Tongue Groove Milling Router Bit WC180/181

Makesuper strongjointswith ourTongue Groove Milling Router Bit.Lengthen or connectwooden boardseffortlessly without nails.Precise gaps & tonguesprovides strong joints that willhold and stay in place!

Cut and connecteasily and safelywithanti-kickback & heat resistantdesign! Perfect foramateurs and professionalsforall kinds of woodworks!


  • Strong JointsAccurately creates gaps and tonguetomakestrong end-to-end jointsin all wood and wood composites. Great for doors. cabinets. tables. shelves. more!

  • Quick & EasySharp bladeslet youlengthen and connect boardsby creating jointsquickly & easily witha flawless finish.Perfect foramateurs and professionalsforall kinds of woodworks!
  • DurableMaterialsSolid fortifiedC3 Carbide tippedblade& carbon steel handle. Micro grain grade providesincreased strength and utmost resistance.

  • Safe toUseHeat Resistant Teflon Coating&Anti-kickback designpreventssudden unintended movement & accidents.Tested for high speed use. exceeding the 22.000-RPMs delivered by most portable routers.

  • Cut AllWoods– Great onMDF. solid wood. MDF. particle board. plywood.etc. Perfect forflooring. door paneling and more!


  • It is to end join two or more pieces. You run one end through. and then you raise or lower it enough to cut the other piece so that they interlock.
  • It can cut plywood and any joined wood i.e.maple/walnut cutting boards.


  • Material/s:Carbide Alloy
  • Shank Sizes:1/2in / 1/4in

1/2 + 1/4 Inch, 1/2 Inch, 1/4 Inch, 8 mm


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