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Be the ultimate ladies’ man with this powerful bracelet!!

Designed to help increase motility. mobility. and maintain emotional strength. Our Triple Power Men’s Therapeutic Bracelet combines the metaphysical properties of three gemstones for overall male wellness.
This holistic bracelet utilizes magnetic therapy to facilitate your higher energies in improving your body’s healing process. control blood pressure and heal impotence for better performance in the bedroom!
All of these elements will help you reduce stress. strengthen your body and your endurance for everyday life as well!



Three Powerful Gemstones: This bracelet combines Tiger’s Eye. Black Obsidian. and Hematite together to give all its benefits not only in the lower region but for the entire body in general.
Magnetic Therapy: Utilizes magnetic therapy to facilitate male hormones. Hematite is known for its metaphysical reputation in improving mobility and motility.
Aids Circulation & Heals Impotence: Promotes better blood circulation to help with impotence.
Reduce Stress & Energizes the Body: Helps relax the body. remove anxiety. and promote better sleep by dispelling negative energy. Feel more energized and stress-free!
Fashionable & Flexible Fit: Handmade by skilled artisans. Not only does it have many benefits. but our bracelet is also stylish for everyday wear.
Upgrade Size & Performance: It nourishes blood cells. increases the size of your lower region. and can help increase your drive for better performance.


  • Wear the bracelet nightly during bedtime to get optimal results and benefits.


Bead Size: 8 mm
Length: 19 cm – 20 cm


1 pc or 3 pcs x Triple Power Men’s Therapeutic Bracelet


1 pc, 3 pcs (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)


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