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TheVegetable Spiral Cutteris a revolutionary technique of converting fruits and veggies intocreative and uniquemeals for your children and guest.
It iseasy to use. Simply insert.spin the ringto turn veggies into a spiral pulp. Now you can make yourhealthy. creative. low-fat mealin an easy and quick way!
Nutritionists agree that spiralized vegetables are mostlylight in calories. carbs. fat and sugar.Your kids will eat more veggies when they aresliced into fun and creative shape.


  • Creative & Healthy!
    Cuts veggies into spiraling coils to artfully spruce up healthy meals.
  • No More Waste
    Equipped with sharp circular blades that easily cut withlesswaste.
  • Easy to Use
    Remove the handle and pierce the stick through the fruit or veggie up to the blades. Return the handle and start twisting!
  • Ergonomic Handle
    Provides a comfortable grip for effortless twisting. Easily removable and locks securely.
  • Wide Usage
    Cuts various fruits and veggies such as potato. cucumber. carrot. banana. apple. and more.
  • High Quality
    Made from rust-resistant stainless steel that’s guaranteed to last even with intensive daily use.


  • Material: Food-grade PP +stainless steel
  • Size:16cm x 7cm


  • 1 x Vegetable Spiral Cutter
  • 2 x Vegetable Spiral Cutters

1 pc, 2 pcs


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