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You deserve that muscular body!

OurXtraBurn Heat-Activated 6 Pack Abs Creamis theultimateslimming hot fatburnertohelplose weight healthily and let youget a lean and well-defined abs.


It enhancesmetabolism.andremoves cellulite andunwanted subcutaneous body fats. which helps toning. tightening. and strengthening your muscles.

Specially formulated withpowerfulplant-basedslimming activeagents. this massage creamimproves blood circulation. giving out a perfect physiqueis that easy!

Simplyapply &rub it in for 10 seconds. and enjoy the benefits!This pre-workout cream withheat-activatedpropertyalso lets yousweat moreto effectivelyburn extra calorieswhen workout.

Refreshing and lightweight texture. moisturizing and nourishing skin to make it smooth and tender. it is also perfect to apply ontheabdomen. waist.thighs. hips. and more.

1. Afterbathorshower. squeezeasmallamountoveratthetargetareas.
2. Gently massage for15-20minutes until fully absorbedby yourskin.

Capacity: 60ml

Recommended use of this slimming cream together with moderateexercise for better result.

1pc x XtraBurn Heat-Activated 6 Pack Abs Cream


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