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Unleash Your Creativity And Turn A Piece Of Wood Into A Work Of Art!

Wood Burning Art has risen to popularity like never before. The satisfaction you feel after burning a beautiful landscape into an even more beautiful piece of wood is immeasurable. With this XXL Professional Wood Burning Set, everything you need is included, whether you are already a pro or just starting out with your Pyrography skills.

You can draw with your heart’s desire and create anything you can imagine! This makes a perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any special occasions. Turn that simple wood into an artistic beautiful piece with this Pyrography Wood Burning Set!


EVERYTHING IN ONE SET – Comes with a great variety of tips for different designs, storage bag, electric frame, engraving templates, and engraving pen.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – Works at adjustable temperatures from 200 to 450C. The 60W high power ceramic heating makes it heat up quickly in less than a minute.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – It has a heat protection shield, and fantastic grip handles to help you operate it from different angles.

FOR PROFESSIONALS AND BEGINNERS – Works for all skill levels, easy to create beautiful designs!


Material: Plastic, Bronze, Steel

Length: 22cm

Output Temperature: 200-450 degrees

Output Power: 60W


1 x Wood Burning Pen

25 x Wood Burning Tips

2 x Plastic Stencil

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